How SonSetLink™ Works

The Basics

The SonSetLink is a self-contained data collection device that also transmits your data. The unit includes everything needed to process and send your water system data to you, from virtually anywhere in the world.

A tiny microprocessor running our custom firmware collects data from sensors attached to the water system. It stores this data throughout the day, computing relevant thresholds. Once daily it packetizes the data, preparing it for transmission.

Each SonSetLink contains a satellite modem. The modem sends your water system data up to a satellite orbiting the earth, then the satellite sends the data back down to earth. A ground station receives the data and it is stored in the cloud. Our database retrieves the data, processes it, and makes it available to you for use.

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A Little More Detail

Lithium Powered

The AA lithium batteries we use are accessible worldwide and easy to replace. Battery life is typically 3-5 years, but will depend on the specific configuration, such as the number of satellite transmissions per day, number of data samples per day, type of inputs, etc.

Variety of Possible Sensors

Any 4-20mA sensor can be used to collect data; our monitor will record, store, and transmit the data. Some possible sensors include ORP, Ph, water level, etc.

Most configurations use IP68 rated cable grips to pass sensor wires into each monitor box. Typical cable lengths of 100 ft. allow for placement of the monitor on top of structures for better security and unobstructed view of the satellites.

Scheduled Transmissions

Each monitor has a transmission schedule, the standard rate is once per day. With one transmission per day, the data charges are less than $80 annually.

Web-based Monitoring: 

Your SonSetLink data can be routed directly to your web interface or you can view the data on our ArcGIS Dashboards.

SonSetLink Mobile App: 

Your SonSetLink data can also be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. You can download our mobile app for iOS and Android by visiting this page.

Visualizing Your Data:

Realistically, your data is only helpful if it's clear and actionable. We know that, which is why we use ArcGIS Dashboards.

OneAccord Presentation Poster:

Used in a presentation for our stakeholders, the poster below explains everything you need to know about SonSetLink technology.

An ArcGIS Dashboard

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