Our enclosure is IP68 rated and will withstand harsh environments. Below, the enclosure is shown that houses the battery packs, the satellite modem, and the microprocessor.


Data Collection

The SonSetLink Solar monitors water by using a separate flow meter installed in the system piping, which connects to the control circuitry inside the waterproof enclosure. By monitoring the flow of the water through the piping, the unit is also able to determine the usage rate, which it records and transmits along with the flow.

Six-Day Flow History

This unit provides monitoring history of up to six days in the past so that stakeholders can still view data if they missed viewing a day during that window.

Significant Data Points

At the end of day, this unit stores and transmits the following data points:

  • 24 hours of data broken up into six 4-hr slots
    • Flow (gallons or liters) - How well the water flowed through the pump
    • Time-in-use of the pump - The period where the pump was active
    • Max ambient temperature - The highest temperature outside the pump
  • Electronics and modem battery level -  The level indicating the level of use of the monitor
  • 6 days of flow history - A 6-day record of how consistently the pump worked

Do you need a SonSetLink for your Water Project?

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