The LifePumpLink's enclosure is sealed against water and dust ingress, and mounted on high grade stainless steel. Below is a field image of the LifePumpLink technology installed without its weatherproof enclosure.


Data Collection

The LifePumpLink technology uses a magnetic reed switch to detect pump handle motion. Through handle motion, not only can the LifePumpLink calculate the number of handle turns per day but, using the number of handle turns, it can estimate the number of gallons pumped each day.

Significant Data Points

At the end of day, the LifePumpLink monitor stores and transmits the following data points:

  • Handle rotations
    • The number of times the handle has been turned
    • Helps determine how close a pump may be to needing a repair
  • Time-in-Use
    • The total amount of time the pump was being used
    • Used as a reference to compare the other factors of the pump to
  • Ambient temperature
    • The temperature outside around the pump
    • Helps determine the safety or accuracy of the monitoring technology

LifePumpLink is developed in partnership with Design Outreach.

Data Display

To display the data in the most practical way possible, we use ArcGIS technology.

To protect privacy, pin locations are not exact.

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