Made of aluminum and steel, the monitoring unit's exterior will hold up in harsh environments, performing in heat and dust. Below is a field picture of the India Mark II technology installed underneath its weatherproof enclosure.


Data Collection

The India Mark II uses two different types of sensors to collect data: Water detectors and pump motion detectors. Both detectors operate together to monitor important data points effectively.

Water Detection

When the water flows out of the pump spout, the SSL senses the water with two stainless probes.

Motion Detection

When the pump handle is moved, our sensors detects the motion using magnets. We tally and send each minute of usage daily.

Significant Data Points

At the end of day, the India Mark II monitor stores and transmits the following data points:

  • Time-in-Use
    • Total amount of time the pump was being used
    • Used as a reference to compare the other factors of the pump to
  • Wet time
    • Pump operation time with water flowing out
    • The time where the pump is functioning properly
  • Dry time
    • Pump operation time with no water flowing out
    • Excessive dry time could be a sign that the well needs repair
  • Longest dry time
    • Longest period of dry time each day
    • If the longest dry time is significantly longer than usual, then the well could need repair

Data Display

To display the data in the most practical way possible, we use ArcGIS technology.

To protect privacy, pin locations are not exact.

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