Your Data Portal

SonSetLink® Web is a web-based application for your SonSetLink data. You can interact with your sites, see site-specific data and alerts, and make changes to site details.

SSL Web Home
Complete Site List

See your sites' locations and drill down into more details.

SSL Web Sites
Site Specific Details

See relevant alerts and graphs of each site's data, and export your data for further analysis.

SSL Site Detail
Graphs and Charts

View data for your hand pumps and solar powered systems.

Edits and Changes

Update site details, choose alerts to receive, and change notification thresholds.

Continuous Improvement

We are actively building new features for SonSetLink Web. If you're curious to learn what we're doing, see our changelog page:

If you have feature suggestions, reach out to us.

Do you need a SonSetLink for your Water Project?

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